If you are new to working from home, you probably need help in how to be more productive. Now the novelty phase is over; people want to get used to working from home and get settled into a routine. At EweMove, we want to support our community as best we can, and we have seven remote working tips for you.

Communication is vital so be clear and effective

When you work alongside colleagues, it is easy to take clear communication for granted. Emails and messaging can turn simple tasks into a drawn-out process. Therefore, no matter how you communicate, be clear and communicate confidently. If you are communicating via video technology, speak slowly and clearly.

Test all your equipment

Your broadband connection might be more than suitable for streaming TV shows and using social media, but is it work-ready? If you need to carry out a live conference chat with colleagues or clients, is your equipment up to the task?
It is crucial you test all equipment, and ensure you are confident with using devices and software.

Ask for help if you need it

These are challenging times, and many people will feel unsettled right now. If you are new to remote working, there is no shame in needing help. Making sure you are up and running effectively is helpful for you, your colleagues and clients. Therefore, if you need assistance, reach out to others.

Set up a space for work

If you don’t have a lot of room at home, you may be limited as to where you can work. However, it is best for you to work in an area where you don’t relax or socialise. By creating a space where you only work, you create a better work-life balance, and this will hopefully boost your productivity.

Develop a routine and follow it

As you are working from home, it is likely you will feel more relaxed. If you don’t have a daily commute, you will have more time to yourself, and this may lead to you stretching away from your regular routine.
This can be damaging. Ideally, try to stick to your daily routine, as this will boost your productivity. It will also allow you to switch off when you are not working.

You must take proper breaks

It is vital to find a balance between work and non-work. You can achieve this by arranging proper breaks. Knowing you have a break looming helps you to be productive, and it also gives you something to look forward to.
Also, if you are working at a computer screen, it is helpful to allow your eyes to rest. Get away from your workstation, walk around, stretch your legs and turn your mind away from work.

Engage your colleagues

If you are working from home, it is likely your colleagues are also doing the same. Get in touch with them over a coffee or lunch and see how they are doing. Reaching out to others helps you, but it may also help others too. Working from home can be a challenge for some people, but engaging your team-mates can make the process easier.
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