Business Networking North London

Founded by Frances Bentley, BNNL’s success is down to her experience, welcoming attitude and non-stop networking.

Frances’ career has spanned the UK and overseas, where she has organised dance events for hundreds of competitors and thousands of audience members. As well as hosting BNNL meetings, Frances runs a number of successful online networking forums in North London, Essex and Kent.

Frances set up BNNL in 2014 after realising that many small business owners were being priced out of other networking platforms and there was demand for a friendly, informative and more relaxed networking group.

Currently running Bentley Health as well as organising an annual dance show attracting amateur and professional dancers from around the globe, BNNL is Frances’ passion and she continues to grow the groups through her warmth and business knowledge.

Different to other networking hosts, Frances takes the time to get to know each of the BNNL members individually in order to promote and refer them to others.

Knowledge builds relationships.
Relationships are built on trust.
Trust drives revenue



If you want to go fast, go alone
If you want to go far
Go with others

Networking Groups

Currently we are offering Networking groups in Enfield and Barnet, North London. These give local business people a chance to meet face to face in what has become a virtual world.

We offer a relaxed environment to mix, mingle and do business.

By building relationships we gain knowledge and when we build knowledge we also build and gain trust. And as we all know with that we build revenue.

BNNL offer a cost effective way of doing just that.

We look forward to seeing you at one of our meetings soon.