Good afternoon everyone!

I’m Pamela Fisher a authorised distributor for the Utility Warehouse, helping you get a better deal on your essential utility services, including Gas, Electricity, Landline, Broadband, Mobiles and Insurance.

We have been recommended by the Which? Magazine, for over 14 years…

  • for ALL our services
  • our amazing customer service
  • and, in 2018, as Utility Company of the Year

They aim to be the company “that you would recommend to your Mum”!

Here’s mine! (hold up photo of Mum in frame)

  • I can show them how they can save money
  • I will definitely simplify everything onto ONE bill
  • AND they will have ME as an extra layer of customer care

So, today, I am specifically looking for a referral to YOUR Mum or Dad, or anyone elses’s Mum or Dad for a bills review and how to save money with our fantastic discount club.

Remember, for bills without stress, AND amazing lower price, you got to come and speak to Pamela