Amazing story from Jessica Crate!

“As a former Olympic level Elite Marathon runner, I have dealt with multiple injuries over the course of my 15 year career. However, I didn’t truly begin to take my health, lifestyle, or preventative measures seriously until 2011.
After graduating from Florida State University with a Pre-Medical degree in Biological Science and Psychology, I worked for medical device and pharmaceutical companies, witnessing first hand the neglect that modern science dedicated to curing diseases – while these companies invested billions of dollars into patent profits just to mask the symptoms of underlying illness. 

I was praying for an answer out of that career when a pivotal moment woke me up to Life from a New Vantage point, thrusting me out of that industry and into my now full time passion.
It was only after fracturing my foot in the prestigious Boston marathon and finishing the race on a broken foot, that I decided to take the leap of faith, own entrepreneurship and master the biohacking game of prevention.
I started Biohacking by taking Nrf2 in 2011, three months after my injury, and recovered in HALF the time that my therapists had predicted, rebounding from injury to run my second fastest marathon time in the ING NYC Marathon on only a month of training. 

Over the following two weekends, I competed in 2 consecutive races, winning and setting two course records back to back in a half marathon and Olympic distance triathlon. Realizing my body was recovering in half the time than I ever had before, I stepped up my game and transitioned into triathlons.

For the next 3 years I competed at the World level and qualified to compete for Team USA at 5 consecutive World Triathlon Championships in both ITU and the Ironman 70.3 circuits. I have now been injury free for the last 6 years. As a yoga sports performance instructor and a USATF Certified running coach, I now speak on prevention, biohacking human performance and have seen a positive benefit in every athlete I coach that chooses to implement Nrf2 with our vitality or activated essentials stack into their regimen.

I am SO incredibly grateful for a company that has not only helped me get my HEALTH back, which is THE most important commodity, but also my TIME. Having the opportunity to create residual income and do life on my own terms, while impacting so many lives on a positive level is FAR more rewarding. Thank you!! 

Excited to continue biohacking my aging code with this incredible product line in things athletics, brains, health, wealth and beauty!!!

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