Lovingly reinvent recycled furniture

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine how your home can be transformed with a classic piece of furniture that’s been given a new lease of life. Your countless visits to furniture shops has not revealed the piece that you want.  Too modern. Too lacking in style. Too expensive! You want something that’s been lived in, but given a makeover.

I lovingly reinvent recycled furniture, giving it a new lease of life that can become the centre piece of your home. From classic items like a nest of tables or a writing bureau, each creation is hand painted using only the finest quality, environmentally – friendly chalk paints, then sealed with superior waxes and varnishes

If you are looking for something truly individual to enhance the look of your home browse through my gallery, Facebook or go to my Etsy shop where I have items for sale.

Studio Jacqueline BNNL Buesiness Networking North London  Studio Jacqueline BNNL Buesiness Networking North London

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