Business Passion

For all of us small business owners and solopreneurs, at least one of our passions has to be our business.

We began with an idea, a vision; a way to deliver a product or service that would meet a specific need in the market.

Our principle drive may have been to provide great value, top quality, excellent service, ultimate convenience, choice or exclusivity.

Surrounded by challenges, technology paperwork and clients all needing our attention, it can be hard sometimes to remember our passion and our values.

How do we keep that passion alive? What gets us through those demanding days?

If the passion is lacking, what changes can we make to bring it back? Without it we become one of those mediocre companies that we knew we could do better than when we started out.

Take time out…

How ever hard it is to get away… we must. Take a step back. Look from the outside in; revisit and prioritise.

One of the exercises that we find useful is to write down all the tasks and things you have to do and then mark them out of 10 for necessity and then enjoyment.

For example you might love writing a blog every day but it isn’t really critical.

You might hate doing the bookkeeping but it is essential!

This way you can build up a picture of your daily business and visualise the balance.

Letting go – needs over wants

See where you can adjust your thinking and make those tasks that you least enjoy more enjoyable or see if they can be delegated or outsourced. This may require ‘letting go’.

See where you can first do what you have to do and then reward yourself by doing the things you want to do.

Accountability – Partner up

This is one of the biggest challenges for small business owners and solopreneurs. Who holds you accountable? If you don’t do something you have planned to do or indeed should do, who’s going to challenge you if you don’t do it?

You need to be strict with yourself. This has to be one of the most fundamental ingredients when starting your own business: accountability.

It might be a good idea to team up with a fellow BNNL member and become each other’s accountability partners.

Share strategies and goals – write them down and email them to each other – then you can gently challenge each other as to the completion of the goals.


Bring the fun back into your business. Don’t give up on enjoyment.

And if you would like any help with any digital challenges just get in touch!


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