Love it or hate it, social media is an integral part of growing your business, increasing your brand presence and reaching your audience.

The more involved in social media you are, the more you are seen and recognised.

That’s why at Business Networking North London (BNNL) we are social media addicts. We stay involved and let you post in our groups, reaching thousands of customers and business owners.

Our Facebook group has 6,000+ members and is growing every day. We also have a private members group where you can swap tips and advice with your peers. Our Twitter feed is bursting with nearly 2,000 followers and our Instagram is full of our daily activities.

So, with Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and other social media platforms at your disposal (all for free), why wouldn’t you jump on the social media bandwagon?

Here’s why you need to get posting, updating and tweeting.

  • It’s all about growth

Whether you’re looking for more customers or trying to increase your brand presence, social media is an easy and free way to market your business. Creating a Facebook page or Instagram feed allows you to reach hundreds if not thousands of people that may otherwise never know about your business.

  • Building trust

Big brands all have social media platforms which are monitored and managed by an army of social media experts. So small businesses need to keep up. When customers see your social media pages and posts, it helps to demonstrate that you are an active business with lots to offer.

  • Reviews and testimonials

Everyone likes to be liked and on social media, your customers have the opportunity to comment on your services and tell the world how good you are. This helps build your reputation and share the good news, getting others to boast for you!

  • Paid for adverts

You can pay for Facebook adverts, which are affordable and effective. This is a great additional way to boost your marketing whilst keeping costs low.

  • Increase traffic

By posting your latest blog or an interesting link, you can increase traffic to your website. The more visitors that click on these posts mean the more people that are visiting your site. These posts help increase conversion rates, whether that’s about sales or downloads.

  • Special offers

If you’re running a special promotion but don’t have enough visitors to your site, posting on social media platforms will help boost your offer and attract more sales. So why not take advantage of it?

  • Managing social media

Keeping up to date with your social media posts might be time consuming, but there are hundreds of helpful websites like Hootsuite to help you keep on top of your posts and allow you to schedule them in advance.

So what is BNNL’s top tip in regards to social media? That’s easy. Just do it!