Do you, like me, wonder where time goes, especially at weekends?

As the clocks went back and we gained an hour it got me thinking once again about time and how to make the best use of it.

Time is precious and something we all complain we don’t have enough of.

For me it is essential to have a routine to my working day and working week.  When you run your own business and don’t have the structure of a 9 – 5 job it can be very easy to get side tracked doing the things that are easy and that you enjoy, leaving other tasks right until the last minute. On days when I don’t effectively plan my time, and Yes, it does happen, it is easy for the day to disappear in a flurry of reactive busyness.

Personally, I like to spend the morning responding to emails and getting things up to date. I try and take an hour in the middle of the day to do some reading or business development and then in the afternoon I work on longer term projects.  I prefer to arrange meetings at the beginning of the week or on the same day where possible, this makes the week less disruptive.

We are all aware of these tips but sometimes it’s good to be reminded:

  • Lump together similar tasks – get into a rhythm
  • Live in the present – focus
  • Choose the right environment for the type of work you are doing – office, coffee shop, walking
  • Identify drains on your time – long phone calls, unnecessary meetings
  • Outsource and delegate where possible – can we help?
  • Be strict with yourself and switch off by a certain time each day

So, is a structured life a productive life?  Do you need to manage time or manage yourself?